SPC – Simple Page Composer

Microservices are an architecture pattern which breaks up complex application software into smaller independent processes. These services are small, decoupled from one another and solve a small problem. Micro Frontends go further and implement the UI for the small problem as well. A Micro Frontend (component) therefore represents a completely isolated functional part of a webpage. The SPC (Simple Page Composer) approach is another possibility to develop a component driven system for the shop. We had previously developed a page assembler internally but we wanted to test another way to introduce the topic for the evolution of the shop and move on.


One of the first steps was to divide the shop in different components which are not too small, because the time was really limited, and the whole thing shouldn’t be too detailed to get the first baby steps done for this first approach. So we divided the homepage in three parts the header, the content and the footer which should be changeable in the end. The SPC bases on NGINX and Docker. The different components are Docker containers which are holding the HTML dom elements. The whole page is inside a Docker container and the components will be composed in parallel so the time to load the page will take as long as the slowest component needs.

After the first steps and the successful composition of the page we started to evolve the composition with new features like caching, live updating of the composition’s config and a bit more. Because of the user friendliness and easy implementation it could be an interesting alternative solution for an internally developed page assembler.


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