Tech Talk No.2

The demand for new features to be implemented and delivered quickly to customers has never been greater. Whether it is for a desktop website, mobile website or a mobile app we need to ensure that as much code as possible goes quickly into production. But how do we reach this goal?

The MYTOYS GROUP shops all run on a Platform based on a Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) which we are currently migrating to a microservices architecture. We are also building native mobile apps. All of this takes place through our developers working in an agile environment with the ability to develop professionally through Guilds and Chapters. We are currently reimplementing our release process to ensure a smooth and error-free transition for code from development to production.

We are looking forward to sharing our experiences on the road to continuous delivery through short talks, hands-on demonstrations and discussing some of the key challenges of continuous delivery all from a developer’s perspective.

Participation is for free, snacks and drinks will be provided. You can sign up for the event here!

We are looking forward to see you and discuss with!


Venue: MYTOYS GROUP, Potsdamer Str. 192, 10783 Berlin
Time: 6:30 – 9:00pm (doors open at 6pm)
Speaker: David Lee, Heiko Kahmann, Debora Gomez, Victor Rodriguez


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