#TechTalk – 5th of April: On The Road..

The demand for new features to be implemented and delivered quickly to customers has never been greater. Whether it is for a desktop website, mobile website or a mobile app we need to ensure that as much code as possible goes quickly into production. But how do we reach this goal?



Agile leadership

Nowadays, agile culture is affecting not just the internal teams‘ structure but also the whole department or organization. This milestone on Agility adoption (coined as „Organizational Agility“) maximizes some typical problems like the Leader/Manager role definition. Therefore, it can become a central issue applying agile values and principles beyond the team.

There is no unique way to accommodate the traditional leader role. On the one hand, it has affected the training offered by big education providers like Scrum Alliance which recently created a leadership course, or it is directly built into the framework as it is in SaFE. On the other hand, Nexus or LeSS bet on an organic approach or an organizational de-scaling. … 


TechVision: Page Assembler and Microservices

MYTOYS GROUP is a great company since they give developers and architects – through the use of scrum, guilds and chapters – time or flexibility for own ideas. So anyone can start guilds to develop own ideas. Through this system, it was possible to replace old monolithic architecture during the last two years and to implement a completely new service-oriented architecture (SOA), which better satisfies developer as customer needs. We call it “Multishop Platform”.

Our new platform now hosts multiple shops on the same source code. For each page type, all shops share the same page template and connected assets. New shops inherit the template and resources to speed up the process of setting up a new shop. … 


Agile Poker Cards Update

Hallo myToysianer!

Madrid Tech Lab has released a new version of the myToys Group Agile Poker Cards with a new deck type called PRIORITY which allows to prioritize your tasks from 1  up to 10.

For those who do not know the app yet, in this link you can find a quick video. And for those who feel curious about mobile apps development we have shared our code in the myToys Group Github.

This functionality was added as a suggestion from Steffen (one of our colleagues 😉 ) so do not hesitate to send us some feedback to app-dev@mytoys.de or vote for our apps in Google Play and iTunes.

Poopaye! (Goodbye in minion’s language).


myToys Hack a Day’s

Am 09. bis 10. Januar war bei myToys der erste Hack a Day des Jahres, eigentlich also eher Hack 2 Days.

Um die Präsentation der Gruppen-Ergebnisse etwas interessanter zu machen wurde ein kleiner Wanderpokal für die beste Präsentation (nicht unbedingt das beste Projekt) vergeben.

Gewonnen hat das Thema „myToys Puzzle: Kleines HTML5 Canvas und Vanilla JS Spiel“ … 


Los geht’s

Wie schön, dass Ihr unseren neuen myToys Tech-Blog gefunden habt. Im Moment gibt es noch nicht viel zu sehen aber wir freuen uns, euch schon bald etwas von dem zu zeigen, dass uns in der myToys IT bewegt.

Thanks for visiting our brand new myToys Tech-Blog. There is not much to see here at the moment but we are looking forward to showing you some of the stuff that drives us here at the myToys IT.

Stay tuned